Boule, an exciting game for everyone

Book an instructor and discover the art of Boule Pètanque and learn its history and rules or rent boules from the bar and play on one of our 20 courts with your friends, family or colleagues.

Rent boules

If you want to play yourself it is drop-in, you can not book boule courts in advance.

You rent the balls in the bar and play at available courts.

Price 60 sek/pers

Boules tournament with instructor

Book an instructor and discover the art of Boule Pètanque and learn its history and rules. 

We have profesional guides that leads you throw a tournament, the winning team will get a prize.

You play aprox 90 minutes.

Minimum 10 persons for booking

Price 250 sek/pers

About Boule

Boule as we say here in Sweden is actually called Pétanque in France, which means “to stand on both feet”. In France, people started playing boules already in the Middle Ages. Bowling had such effects that Charles V in the 14th century enacted a law banning the game. He discovered that his soldiers preferred to practice boules instead of martial arts.

With Prince Bertil (1912 – 1997), the game’s popularity grew in Sweden. The prince was a devoted boules player who learned to appreciate the sport during his stays in St. Maxime on the French Riviera.

How to play Boule

The basics of bowling are very simple. They don’t take many minutes to learn. But then you can spend as much time as you want on becoming a good or better bowler.

The game consists of throwing the 12 balls against a small ball (called the Lillen) and getting points for the balls, yourself or your own team, placed closer to the Lillen than the opposing team’s.

1 point gets the ball that is closest to Lille. If the same player or team has several balls closer to Lille than the opponents, you get an additional point for each such ball.

A player from the team that won the last round now draws a new circle in the place where the Little is and throws it out again 5-10 meters from the ring. The game continues until either team reaches 13 points.

Good luck!

Boule a game for everyone - Friends, colleagues or family!

Learn the rules and history of the game with our knowledgeable instructors or enjoy an exciting tournament with friends and family. – Boule a sport for everyone.

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